The Roman Villa Durrueli

A fascinating archaeological site on the Scala dei Turchi beach a few meters from Hotel Villa Romana

Discover the remains of the ancient Villa from which the hotel takes its name

Hotel Villa Romana takes its name from the archaeological site of Roman origin located a few hundred meters from the structure, belonging to the contiguous municipality of Realmonte.
It is enough to walk for a few minutes on the beach towards the Scala dei Turchi, to reach the remains of the Roman Villa Durrueli: just fifty meters from the shoreline, you will witness the suggestive encounter between art and nature that has always characterized a unique land like Sicily.

The proximity of the Hotel Villa Romana to the archaeological site enhances your stay, offering you the opportunity to immediately breathe the atmosphere of the great classical art that characterizes Agrigento and the surrounding area. Although the remains of the Roman Villa Durrueli in Realmonte are not freely accessible - but it is possible to request an authorization to do so - their coastal position allows you to admire them simply by walking on the shore, while you head towards the Scala dei Turchi, which rises majestically and candida a little further on.

A typical Roman domus from the 1st-2nd century AD not far from the hotel

The Roman Villa Durrueli

The origin of the Roman Villa is dated between the first century and the first half of the second century AD. The archaeological site is located near Punta Piccola, an area bordering Capo Rossello, famous for hosting the wonderful Scala dei Turchi.
The Villa overlooks the sea directly and has the typical characteristics of Roman buildings: important elements are the peristyle with columns that gathered around it the different domestic environments, the outdoor garden, and the courtyard with "Impluvium", the characteristic rainwater collection tank.The one of the rooms of the Villa are appreciable two-tone mosaics and polychrome marbles depicting mythological scenes. The presence on the western side of a thermal pool suggests the prestige of the building and the high social position of its inhabitants who already enjoyed the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea in front of them.



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