Hotel Villa Romana guides you to discover the province of Agrigento: sea, nature and archeology. Don't miss the beauty of the heart of Sicily

Agrigento and Scala dei Turchi
unspoiled nature and great tradition

The heart of Sicily, inspiration for poets and writers, beats in Agrigento.
Hotel Villa Romana is pleased to accompany you to discover places that embody the kaleidoscopic soul of a land as rich as Sicily. Agrigento has, over the ages, inspired great writers such as Pindaro, Goethe, Sciascia and Pirandello and even today the tourists who choose to visit it live the experience of an unforgettable holiday thanks to the encounter between unspoiled nature and a unique historical-artistic tradition in the world.

From Porto Empedocle to the Farm Cultural Park, a journey through the paths of art..
Starting from Porto Empedocle, a lively village and important port hub, it is easy to reach places such as the Valley of the Temples, one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the world or the Scala dei Turchi, the majestic white marl wall overlooking a cobalt blue sea. Also noteworthy is the Farm Cultural Park, an open-air art gallery and artistic residence with a European character, in Favara.

La Scala dei Turchi and the Agrigento beaches.
A summer holiday at Hotel Villa Romana opens up a range of dream experiences thanks to the splendid beaches and nature reserves. delle Sirene on the Giallonardo beach and the Punta Bianca reserve.

If you have always dreamed of spending a holiday discovering the Sicilian sea, with Hotel Villa Romana you are in the right place.

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