Farm Cultural Park

The Farm Cultural Park, Favara's urban cultural factory

Hotel Villa Romana presents you the symbol of the rebirth of Favara

Not far from Hotel Villa Romana, Favara's Farm Cultural Park is an example of artistic and cultural redevelopment.
The Agrigento area does not only offer classical art places and splendid glimpses of Mediterranean nature. The Farm Cultural Park of Favara, about twenty kilometers from Hotel Villa Romana, is for example a young reality that testifies to how it is possible to enhance a small town thanks to the commitment and ideas of its inhabitants.

A "Cultural Factory", a place for artistic encounters and connections, born with the aim of restoring dignity to the town of Favara and making it a site of interest for cultural tourism, second only to the Valley of the Temples, an authentic symbol of Agrigento.

The history of the Farm Cultural Park in Favara

The seven courtyards

The Farm Cultural Park of Favara was conceived in response to a tragic event for the municipality of Agrigento: on January 23, 2010, the collapse of an old building broke the lives of two young inhabitants of the town.
Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva, two fellow citizens who have traveled extensively between Paris, London and their native Sicily, decide to react to this misfortune by creating a reality that could make Favara flourish thanks to art and culture. Not a simple urban redevelopment, therefore, but the realization of a dream. In the then decadent area of ​​the "Seven Courtyards", the Farm Cultural Park project kicks off, a cultural tourist park accessible to all, created with the participation of the inhabitants of the area affected by the building abandonment.

The Farm Cultural Park is a true capital of art, in the center of Favara

Visiting the Farm Cultural Park is a unique and unexpected experience. In the streets of a small town in the province of Agrigento, an international reality comes to life, whose contemporary soul recalls the great capitals of world art. Exhibitions, installations, open-air galleries, schools and art and architecture workshops for the little ones, plus a whole constellation of clubs and accommodation facilities, make the Farm Cultural Park a lively and stimulating contemporary cultural hub. A place where you will feel an energy flow that generates bonds and connections, attracting not only many visitors but also numerous talents looking for a space to express their ideas and show their works.

From Hotel Villa Romana to the Farm Cultural Park of Favara

The Farm Cultural Park of Favara is less than 30 km from Hotel Villa Romana and can be easily reached by car. Today it represents a place to visit for those who want to experience a small Sicilian miracle firsthand: the project that has become a reality of reviving a community by enhancing culture and promoting a dense network of human connections. At the Farm Cultural Park in Favara, the close link between Sicily and art is renewed on a daily basis thanks to the many young artists who animate the proposal, always in the name of a contemporary aesthetic vision capable of conquering fans and simply curious. A stop able to embellish your holiday at Hotel Villa Romana, for a different and unexpected day, to be passionate and simply curious. A stop capable of embellishing your holiday at Hotel Villa Romana, for a different and unexpected day.

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