The archaeological site of the Roman Villa Durrueli
in Realmonte

A fascinating archaeological site on the Scala dei Turchi beach a few meters from Hotel Villa Romana

The remains of the Roman Villa Durrueli in Realmonte

The Roman Villa that gives the hotel its name, on the coast of Realmonte, is a luxurious noble residence from the Roman era with a spa just a few steps from the hotel.
In the Durrueli district, belonging to the municipality of Realmonte, there is the archaeological site that houses the remains of the Roman Villa. The suggestive ruins are easily accessible from the Scala dei Turchi beach and can be admired directly from the shore, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the charm of classical art that characterizes the entire province of Agrigento.

Villa Durrueli, which is really located a few meters from the hotel, dates back to a period between the first century and the first half of the second century AD and preserves the traces of the luxury that characterized the ancient noble residences. The remains of the villa, in a good state of conservation, include construction elements typical of the Roman domus of the imperial age, such as the peristyle with columns around which the various domestic rooms and the courtyard with the basin for collecting rainwater are found.impluvium. The presence of the rooms of an outdoor garden used as a spa recalls the daily life of the rich Romans who found refreshment in an idle quiet a few meters from the Mediterranean coast on which the villa overlooks.

The rooms of Villa Romana Durrueli

The myth depicted in the mosaics of the Roman Villa

The high economic status of the ancient owners of the Villa is confirmed by the precious decorative choices that characterize the architectural elements, where functionality of the rooms and aesthetic refinement are in constant dialogue.

n fact, it is possible to appreciate the refined polychrome marbles and the characteristic mosaics representing scenes and characters of the classical myth, such as the god Neptune with his trident surrounded by dolphins or Scylla, the legendary sea monster that dominated the waters of the Strait of Messina.

Excavations in collaboration with Japan

The remains of the Roman Villa Durrueli were discovered in 1907, as part of the works for the construction of the railway line that would connect Porto Empedocle to Agrigento and Siculiana, thus passing through Realmonte.
Temporarily suspended, the excavations were resumed in collaboration with the Japanese University of Tsukuba in 1979, bringing to light about 5000 square meters of walkable area.

An archaeological site that enhances the surroundings of Hotel Villa Romana

Today the villa is not open to visitors, but it retains its charm intact, thanks to its proximity to the shoreline, making a simple walk on the beach towards Scala dei Turchi an experience to remember.

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