Excavations of the Greek theater of

The excavations of the ancient Greek theater of Agrigento

One of the most recent finds in the Valley of the Temples area

In Agrigento, a journey in the name of classical art.
A holiday at Hotel Villa Romana is a unique opportunity to discover the traces of classical art that permeate the entire province of Agrigento. In 2016 this scenario was enriched with a further precious piece, with the discovery of the remains of a Greek theater in the area of ​​the archaeological park of the Valley of the Temples, a place of art to visit absolutely during your stay in Agrigento.

The excavation area, located just south of the Hellenistic-Roman quarter, can be freely visited from the outside, but it is possible to admire the site more closely by reservation. What remains of the theater is located on a small hill on the San Nicola hill, from which it is possible to observe the Temple of Concordia which stands out against the splendid Mediterranean landscape that distinguishes the Valley. The theater is dated between the third and second centuries BC and shows affinity with the famous theaters of Solunto and Segesta.Its discovery, strongly desired and coveted by the municipality of Agrigento, enriches the artistic heritage of the city, completing the reconstruction of the monumental area. Excavations are still being funded, in the hope of continuing to unearth other parts of the theater.

The archaeological area of ​​Agrigento

Excavations of the Greek theater

Whether it is a leisure holiday or a business trip, we invite you to take the opportunity to plan an itinerary to discover the artistic and archaeological wealth of the province of Agrigento.
A complete experience, where relaxation and cultural tourism follow one another harmoniously. The archaeological site of the Valley of the Temples, with its museum and the excavations of the theater are in fact easily reachable by car starting from the Hotel Villa Romana. We will be happy to help you organize your guided or self-guided tour of the archaeological park (one of the largest in Europe), for a day to discover the immortal art of Agrigento.

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