The Punta Bianca natural reserve

The charm of Punta Bianca, an unspoiled natural reserve

A naturalistic jewel on the Gulf of Agrigento, less than an hour from Hotel Villa Romana

Admire a dream panorama from Monte Grande, a natural terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Not far from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the heights of Punta Bianca-Monte Grande define the eastern limit of the Gulf of Agrigento. The Gulf of Agrigento, which Hotel Villa Romana overlooks, is home to numerous beaches and areas of incomparable naturalistic and scenic beauty, which are easy to discover from the hotel. Among these, the Punta Bianca nature reserve is located on the Punta Grande promontory and will surprise you with an exciting view of the Mediterranean.

Visiting the Punta Bianca nature reserve is an electrifying experience for trekking enthusiasts, eager to venture along the paths of a place that is still not very common on the main tourist itineraries and is therefore wild and unspoiled. From these places you can enjoy a dream view of the Mediterranean from an authentic natural terrace overlooking the sea, enriched by the typical Mediterranean scrub and by a peculiar avian fauna, which makes the site indispensable for birdwatchers.

A hill of white marl that preserves the traces of a millenary history

The castellucciano sanctuary and the wreck of Punta Bianca

Also in the Punta Bianca reserve the dialogue between natural beauty and the great history of Agrigento is renewed. The marl hill is characterized by the typical white color that evokes the nearby Scala dei Turchi. Along the paths of the reserve there are places of great historical interest, such as the Castellucciano sanctuary from prehistoric times, a silent witness to the importance of the Agrigento area in the trade of sulfur in the Mycenaean era.
5 miles from the coast lies the wreck of the Almerian, a steamship sunk by a German submarine during the First World War and gone down in history for being, in 1912, the last boat to greet the Titanic with the sound of its sirens, before of the famous naval disaster.

Punta Bianca, a few minutes from the Valley of the Temples

The Punta Bianca nature reserve is located on the stretch of coast overlooked by the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, just under an hour's drive from Hotel Villa Romana. Once you have reached the area with your own vehicle, you will have to walk along the dirt paths, so it is advisable to bring suitable shoes, a hat and a bottle of water, to restore yourself along the way.

Souvenir photo from Sicily

The little effort required to get to the top of Monte Grande will be rewarded by a breathtaking view, ideal for taking a souvenir photo, so as to keep forever a trace of a special holiday in a land of unique charm like Sicily.

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