The archaeological museum of the Valley of the Temples

At the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, don't miss one of the richest museums in all of Sicily

The regional archaeological museum
“Pietro Griffo”

Almost six thousand exhibits and eighteen exhibition rooms, to tell the story of Agrigento.
Inside the Valley of the Temples, the archaeological site of Agrigento easily accessible by car from Hotel Villa Romana, is the "Pietro Griffo" archaeological museum. Thanks to its position inside the valley, it is one of the most visited museums in all of Sicily. There you can literally retrace the history of Agrigento, told by almost six thousand artifacts expertly arranged in chronological and topographical order and arranged in eighteen different exhibition rooms.

The archaeological museum of the Valley of the Temples enhances the value of the archaeological site, involving its visitors in an authentic journey through time, from prehistory to the glories of the Greco-Roman age, to discover the evolution of Agrigento in the various eras and dominations of its history. The eighteen exhibition rooms of the museum house a great variety of finds, to appreciate the history of Agrigento from a multitude of different perspectives. All rooms are equipped with bilingual panels that guide visitors to understand the exhibition, for a careful and aware use.During the visit, you can meet ancient topographies, the famous female statuettes linked to the cults of Demeter and Kore, collections of vintage vases and coins, epigraphs and a whole series of archaeological material found in the various excavations of what was once the area inhabited in the Hellenistic-Roman period.

The archaeological museum of the Valley of the Temples and the ancient agora of Akragas

Visit the museum of the Valley of the Temples

The archaeological museum of the Valley of the Temples is a stop to be included absolutely in your cultural itinerary to discover Agrigento. Built in the 1960s on a project by architect Franco Minissi, the museum is located in what was once the agora of ancient Akragas, an evocative place already rich in history. Two thematic itineraries are available: the first dedicated to the city of Agrigento; the second to other significant urban contexts of central-southern Sicily.

Also get ready to attend a series of exhibitions and other cultural activities held at the museum premises, for an unforgettable art experience to be enjoyed, between a day at the beach at the Scala dei Turchi and a poolside drink at the pool bar of Hotel Villa Romana.

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