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Porto Empedocle is an important Agrigento port and a lively tourist resort.
Small town, ideal destination for visiting the Scala dei Turchi, Porto Empedocle welcomes its visitors with the typical vitality of Sicilian seaside villages. Ancient port area of ​​Agrigento with which it has always had close commercial relations, Porto Empedocle is a town that we invite you to discover during your stay at Hotel Villa Romana.

The staff of Hotel Villa Romana is happy to contribute to the development of the municipality of Porto Empedocle, a popular summer tourist destination thanks to its naturalistic beauty and its strategic position, ideal for reaching paradisiacal beaches and essential places for cultural tourism such as the Valley of the Temples. of Agrigento. Leaving the hotel, it is possible to set out to discover the village and its historic center, perhaps for an evening to spend in one of the clubs that welcome visitors in the summer.

In the historic center coexist genres, history, culture and art of Sicily

What to visit in
Porto Empedocle

Every corner of Sicily tells a story and Porto Empedocle is no exception. Its small historic center is a concentration of beauty, with the typical mix of artistic and architectural styles that testifies to the cultural melting pot that has always distinguished the island. Classic and modern coexist within a few meters: the Town Hall, or Town Hall, is in fact a splendid example of Art Nouveau style in dialogue with the neoclassical aesthetics of the town's Mother Church, named after Maria Santissima del Buon Consiglio. The Charles V tower, an ancient fortress built by Ferdinand of Aragon, has been reinvented as the "Museum of the Sea", a permanent exhibition of finds that testify to the Bourbon domination to which the island was subjected. Also characteristic are the statues of Commissario Montalbano and Luigi Pirandello, as well as the murals by Andrea Camilleri, which pay homage to the debt that great literature owes to Porto Empedocle, a land capable of inspiring the literary genius and delivering immortal works to the public.

The story that links Porto Empedocle to Agrigento

The close commercial and cultural relationship between Porto Empedocle and Agrigento spans time and history, showing solidity since the foundation of the small coastal town, which took place in 1500 with the idea of ​​creating a thriving port for Girgenti, the old name of the city of Agrigento. Thus was born Marina di Girgenti, which will take the name of Porto Empedocle in 1863, in honor of the Greek philosopher who had inhabited these territories during his life. Today Porto Empedocle continues to play an important commercial role, a sign of the indissoluble bond with Agrigento, but also constituting a tourist destination, thanks to its exclusive position on the Gulf of Agrigento and its proximity to the Scala dei Turchi.

Discover the places that inspired the imaginary Vigata of Montalbano

Porto Empedocle is the land of Andrea Camilleri and Inspector Montalbano. Maestro Andrea Camilleri has shaped the imaginary town of Vigata, the main setting of the adventures of Inspector Montalbano, right on his birthplace in Porto Empedocle: here the passionate readers will be able to breathe the atmosphere of the places that inspired one of the most successful contemporary literary phenomena and cultural significance. Few men have managed to embody the spirit of a land as fascinating as Sicily as did Andrea Camilleri.

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